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April 6, 2002.  A large hamfest with lots of boatanchors at the Maryland State Fair Grounds.  A few minutes after arriving I met Tom W3BYM and Jay N3WWL looking for bargins.






The highlight of the day was meeting the AM gang in Nottingham, MD, near Baltimore.  Frank KB3AHE and his wife Carol (now KB3OMT) were great hosts and provided everyone with lots of food, drink and friendship.


Frank KB3AHE showing off his SP-600 in his newly organized basement.  Frank performed a miracle on his basement, which prior to the party looked a little like "Fair Radio Sales on the floor".  In the wall is Frank's tuner for the big homebrew 4-1000A transmitter.  On the backside is the rest of the tuner and his dummy load.



Steve WB3HUZ, Paul WA3VJB and Gary AA3WH checking out Frank KB3AHE's hot rod, but there was no use kicking the tires.



Frank KB3CYX is the happy owner of a new APACHE he just picked up at Timonium hamfest.  Frank put the transmitter on the dummy load and it worked just fine.



1.  Heather (hood), Scott KB3CBC, Carol (now KB3OMT), Paul WA3VJB  and Frank KB3AHE.  2.  Steve WB3HUZ, Tim N3DRB and Scott KB3CBC.  3.  Gary AA3WH, Joe N2YR, Rich KZ2FZW and Frank KB3CYX.  All were focused on Radio WBCQ, 7415 kHz as Tim WA1HLR told his famous story:  "MISS TILLY or FUZZ ON THE MANNEQUIN".


Another excellent radio event.

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