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June 16-18, 2004. Paddy and I visited biker week in Laconia, New Hampshire. When we got there, Laconia seemed kind of quiet so we drove to Weir's Beach and without a doubt, that's where the action was. The weather guesser said it would rain, but fortunately he was wrong as the weather was perfect for the three days we were in the area.

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1: One of two main areas in Weir's beach. This main area was for showing off your bike. There were at least three overflow areas for bike parking.
2-3: Self expression was rampant and enjoyable.
4: Paddy takes an ice cream ticket.
5: Long view of one of three main areas.

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6-7: She said: "Yes you may take my picture". Then after the first picture she said: "Now check this out!", and I did.
8: Another excuse for a photo.
9: Paddy holds up a T-shirt I bought my granddaughter Lauren, who lives in Georgia.
10: Fabulous fireworks on Wednesday night (6/16) were spectacular.

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11-13: We took a round trip ride on the HOBO Railroad (Winnipesaukee RR) from Meredith, NH to Weir's Beach and return. The ride along Lake Winnipesaukee was very relaxing and enjoyable. The train took us to the very middle of the main Bike Week area at Weir's Beach.
14: Paddy and I had lunch at a real nice area in Meredith, NH overlooking Lake Winnipesaukee.
15: The Buffalo Bike at the Meredith, NH Harley Davision Headquarters.

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16-19: Generous self expression that was appreciated by all the guys.
20: Ask Ken how he liked biker week... (It's OK, Paddy took the photo).

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