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July 11, 2004. Perfect weather for this hamfest hosted by the Mid-Atlantic Amateur Radio Club. The hamfest was held at the Kimberton, PA Fire Company Fair Grounds. Quite a bit of boatanchor equipment available. I met a lot of my AM friends and a couple of new ones.

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1: Ken's elmer Hank, W3NCX.
2: Chuck, K3XU.
3: Chuck, K3XU and Joe, N3IBX.
4: Jim KN3DZY and Ken, W2DTC.
5: "The good music station": Joe W3GMS and Martha (now N3QBE).

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6: Tom, WA3KLR.
7: Jeff, K3DUA and Ken, W2DTC.
8: Jim, KN3DZY and his friend from the New Tripoli, PA area.
9: Present in the room were several generations of "elmers": Photographer Ken, W2DTC was Jim, KN3DZY's elmer and seated is Hank, W3NCX who was Ken's elmer.

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