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August 1, 2004. Despite the forecast for rain, Paddy and I went to Berryville, Virginia prepared for anything. As it turned out the weather on fest day was "FINE BUSINESS OLD MAN". The festival sponsor was the Shenandoah Valley Amateur Radio Club and they called this event the 54th Annual Winchester Hamfest even though it is held in Berryville which is eight miles from Winchester. The fest area was in the Clarke County Ruritan Fairgrounds which is a very nice place with lots of shade trees. There were many boatanchors for sale and I met a couple of the AM regulars that I enjoy chatting with on the air.

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1: First stop of course was lunch at the Court Jester in Freehold, NJ then on to Winchester, Va for our motel.
2: Now at the fest was a $500 R-388 receiver in pretty good shape.
3: My good friend DeWitt, N4QNX looking over that ART-13 transmitter.
4: An imaculate Collins 75A3 restored by Howard Mills W3HM. He also showed DeWitt and I an immaculate 75A2 he just finished. Wonderful workmanship!
5: Another fine combination, a Johnson Ranger and a Hammurlund HQ-170.

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6: You will never see another Yaesu FT-101E like this one! It's a crystal set!
7: A beautiful Hallicrafters SX-25 Super Defiant receiver.
8: Another regular on the AM frequencies, the newly married Dave, K2DK.
9: Goodies: No big stuff this time, I just bought solder and some connectors for my next projects.

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