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End of an era: the last and final Hosstraders was October 2006; however, to keep the New England tradition alive, Mike W1RC developed NEAR-FEST at the Deerfield Fairgrounds in NH. For more information Click HERE

October 2, 2004. Paddy and I visited friends in Pittsburg, New Hampshire near the Canadian border and we stopped by the Hosstraders Hamfest on the way back to NJ. It was the largest hamfest we visited this year. There were many boatanchors for sale and anyone who was looking for one would have found it at this hamfest. While Friday may have been the big day for AM'ers, there was still a gang of AM'ers on hand Saturday and we were lucky to say hello to some guys we never met in person before. The weather on Saturday was just fine for a hamfest.

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1: The first AM'er Paddy and I met was Dale KW1I at the WB2FOF goodies table. In the background is Bob WB2FOF's XYL sitting down enjoying a book, while managing the table.
2: Steve WB3HUZ and Tom K1JJ enjoyed the last seller's table which had a nice amp with a pair of 4-1000's.
3-4: Dale KW1I in his radio truck and his radio jeep. The next update expected is a towing hitch for the radio truck so the jeep can be pulled to the next fester.
5: Nick, KG2IR's wife gave him a Hummer for his 65th birthday. (Did I say that right?). Not many guys have hi-fi mobile military transmitters, but Nick does. The next project is the mobile antenna and we all look forward to working Nick on the road.

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6: I offered Nick $200 for the Hummer but he was too busy on the cell phone to realize he was offered twice as much money as he was asking.
7: Jeff KA1OGM and Nick KG2IR pose for a photo after checking out Nick's new mobile rig.
8: Pete K2AEP and Wayne WA1SSJ enjoying the day near the roster sign-in area.
9: Bob K1KBW, Blaine N1GTU, Steve WB3HUZ, Tom K1JJ and Ashley WA1ICN pose for the group mug shot.
10: Wayne WA1SSJ, Bob K1KBW and Ashley WA1ICN discuss the merits of talking to the farmer with the chimes.

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11: Rene K1MVP showed photos of his nice restoration job on a Hallicafters SX-71 and photos of his homebrew transmitters.
12: Rich, formerly KC2FZW is now KB2AM. (Great Call Rich).
13: Just to show that other guys beside AM'ers are a litte crazy.
14-15: Click on the two roster lists to enlarge and view who was at the fester. The roster guy never expected so many AM'ers so I became visitor #75 and had to write my name sideways on the bottom right hand edge of page #2.

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