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October 10, 2004. The Packrats held their 33rd annual flea market at the Middletown Grange Fair Grounds in Wrightstown, PA. Many of the AM'er just refer to it as the Wrightstown fester. For the old timers, the Packrats used to hold their hamfest at a drive in movie theater off RT 611 near Willow Grove, PA. The weather was great despite the 5 minute mist that occurred around 7:15 AM. The rest of the day was splendid. I didn't buy anything but my friend Vortex Joe picked up yet another receiver. I met several AM'ers whose photos are shown below.

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1: Gordie W3GK.
2: Reid W2HU.
3: Joe N3IBX and Reid W2HU.
4: Merrill KD2WW.
5: Tim and Jim KN3DZY, both from New Tripoli, PA.

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6: Joe N3IBX and Ott KA3OTT.
7: Joe N3IBX, Ott KA3OTT and Stan (? Call).
8: Ken W2DTC, Ott KA3OTT and Stan (? Call) (Joe N3IBX, thanks for taking this photo).
9: Ott KA3OTT, Joe N3IBX, Jim KN3DZY and Jim's friend Tim.
10: Ott KA3OTT, Joe N3IBX and Tom WA3KLR.

 11   12
11: Joe N3IBX and Don W2DL.
12: There was a very good representation of military equipment for sale at the fest today.

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