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June 3-5, 2005. The 71st annual Rochester Hamfest, hosted by the Rochester Amateur Radio Association, was spendid. The weather at the Monroe County Fairgrounds was excellent on Friday the 3rd and on Saturday there were a few scattered sprinkles which did not deter the buying and selling. What was especially nice was meeting many of the active AM'ers and place the voice and call with the face. Since my wife Paddy and I had a scheduled Sunday performance in NJ with the Happy Days String Band, we departed the fester on Saturday after the group photo.

 1 photo: Rochester hamfest 2005  2 photo: Rochester hamfest 2005  3 photo: KC2FXE and WB2FOF  4 photo: KC2FXE's mobile antenna  5 photo: W2DTC's Viking Valiant
1: I started making the rounds at 6:30 AM on Friday June 3rd.
2: This is but a sampling of the large inventory that K2LM was selling out of his trailer. As soon as he opened up the back and side doors, the line formed with fists full of money. This guy had some neat stuff at very reasonable prices and most of the good stuff was sold out on Friday.
3: I subsequently met John KC2FXE and Bob WB2FOF.
4: John KC2FXE proudly shows off his homebrew screwdriver antenna. Up close, the antenna had a clever design and great workmanship.
5: Stashed in the corner of K2LM's trailer was a Viking Valiant, I made an offer and the seller said: "OK". I still don't know why I bought it ! Perhaps it was, so this poor orphan didn't have to make another bouncing trip down the highway without a home. I also bought an NC-300 and it works 'fine business Old Man'.

6 photo: KA2J and KC2FXE  7 photo: KA2J, W2DTC and KC2FXE  8 photo: Rochester hamfest 2005  9 photo: Rochester hamfest 2005  10 photo: Rochester hamfest 2005
6: On the 3rd tour of the grounds and I met Dave KA2J and again John KC2FXE.
7: A fellow radio amateur suggested this photo and we took him up on his kind offer.
8-9: Lots of vintage gear at this fest.
10: Another "satisfied" UPS customer.

11 photo: WB2SYQ, WA3VJB, K2ORC and W2DTC  12 photo: Rochester hamfest 2005  13 photo: Rochester hamfest 2005  14 photo: Rochester hamfest 2005  15 photo: Rochester hamfest 2005
11: On my travels I met another group of AM'ers: Norm WB2SYQ, Paul WA3VJB, Paul K2ORC and me, Ken W2DTC.
12: I was going to make a bid on this 75A2, but the owner was not around. I came back much later and it was gone.
13: At first glance I thought it was a never built heathkit. I read closer: some guy maticulously took apart a working heathkit transmitter and placed all the parts back into kit form !
14-15: More vintage gear.

 16 photo: W2ICQ  17 photo: W2ZM  18 photo: W2ZE and W2ZM  19 photo: W1IA and WA2PJP  20 photo: K2VH
16: Met Bob W2ICQ at the concession stand.
17: The famous Bob W2ZM looking in great shape.
18: Mike W2ZE happily receives green backs from his father Bob W2ZM for a boatanchor purchase. Keith WA1HZK witnesses the rare transaction.
19: "Mr 24-7" Brent W1IA and Joe WA2PJP enjoying another funny story by W2ZM.
20: "Virtual Herb" K2VH.

 21 photo: K2ORC and WA3VJB  22 photo: Rochester hamfest 2005  23 photo: Rochester hamfest 2005  24 photo: Rochester hamfest 2005 Group Photo
21: Paul K2ORC and Paul WA3VJB setting up cameras and tripods for the noon group photos. The AM meeting place was by the beer concession next to the DOME.
22-23: Paul, K2ORC setting up his circa 1950 Graflex for a group shot. Photos courtesy of Paul, WA3VJB of Annapolis, Md.
24: Even though he appears in the photo, this group shot was also taken by Paul, WA3VJB with his 11128 Yashica 124, twin-lens reflex camera. Yes, Paul set the camera timer and ran back into the group to get himself into view, good job Paul !

P.S. K2ORC'S Graflex had a shutter problem, thus, Paul WA3VJB saved the day with the only official Rochester 2005 Group Shot.

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