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October 21, 2007.  The Sellersville hamfest, hosted by the RF Hill Amateur Radio Club, was larger than a couple of years ago.  Perhaps the perfect, warm, fall weather got everyone out of the house.

Upon arrival I met my friend Gordon, W3GK, who was selling some really clean boatanchor receivers.  Gordon and I go back to the late 50's in Allentown, PA; he was K3AIG and I was W3HGK.


Very shortly I met a hamfest regular:  Reid W2HU and some active AM'ers: Chuck K3XU and Tom WA3KLR.



Then a walk around for boatanchor related stuff.





I spotted this amp and the seller said it was a rare, one-of-a-kind amp built for the military.  It runs continuously from 160 through 10.  It has three 3CX800's and the guy said it would run 1500 watts AM.  I said: " You mean 6000 watts peak power" and he said yes.  (I don't think so).



Jeff K3DUA had some find excellent RF parts for the builder.



Tom, WA3KLR and I tried to identify the JAN-218 tube for Vortex Joe, who we had on the cellphone for a 'Virtual Hamfest'.  We concluded that it must be high voltage rectifier.  Later Tom and I went for coffee in the pavillion and met Steve, WA2DTW.



I thought I recognized this guy from the 50's, who I hadn't met since we were kids.  My introduction to him was "Pardon me but are you the guy who drove his 47 Ford into a corn field trying to run down a cat?"  And he said "yep, that's me".  Then Ike N3IK and I covered the lost years and I found out about all the other old timers from Allentown, PA.  Ike's 11 year old son was going for his advanced license, a service offered at this fest.



I met another AM'er Paul WA3GFZ, that I worked on 75 meters.  Paul bought a great looking HQ-150 at the fester.  I also met Marty WB2FOU, who for the last 3 years told me he would be on AM with a DX-100, and his friend ?? (Can you guys help with the name and call?).


It was a good day and a good fest.

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