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June 29, 2008.  The Monmouth Amateur Radio Club held it's annual Field Day in the historic lighthouse at Sandy Hook, NJ. I arrived around midnight expecting to take some outside night shots, but because of insects, everyone went inside.  I found out the hard way, I was bitten about 6 times just getting this single night photo.


Once inside the lighthouse I was greeted by the club president, David Mutterer KC2H who was manning the 20 meter phone position.  He was later joined by his wife Ann Mutterer KC2ROH (ruler of husband).



The club had high tech equipment as Mike Flatley, KC2TBM demonstrated high speed access to the internet via satellite, on his laptop computer.


Manning the 75 meter phone position was Chris Esser, KC2RGW logging contacts on the laptop and in the background was Jim Sandoz, N2MPT operating the radio equipment.


Operating the 20 meter phone position, after a shift change, was Barbara Vining, KC2PFP.


I returned Sunday around noon to get some outdoor shots.  The setting was quite nice.




One of the wire antennas was hung under the railing at the top of the lighthouse.  It worked great.



The club made use of the well equipped Union Beach Emergency Management vehicle.



The lighthouse is a very historic place.



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