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November 8, 2008.  Tom WA3KLR arranged and hosted an AM Brunch at the Cracker Barrel restaurant in Clinton, NJ (exit 15, I-78).  There were 14 AM'ers who participated.

I took a couple of photos of the early arrivals.

Phil K2PG, Tom WA3KLR, Stephanie WX3K, Mike W2GEZ


Mike W2GEZ, Don W2DL, Barbara N2ZKA, John WB2YGF


John WB2YGF, Phil K2PG


Once inside the restaurant, Stephanie WX3K agreed to be my test subject for checking out my flash equipment.



To handle our large table, the food arrived in a caravan of five servers.



Chow time and mug shots.

Phil K2PG, Mike W2GEZ, Mark K2DGM            Mike W2GEZ,  Hal K6DPZ



Chet WB2AHK, Steve WA2DTW,  Gary W1GHW


John WB2YGF, Barbara N2ZKA, Stephanie WX3K


Stephanie WX3K, Don W2DL, Tom WA3KLR


         The group photos                                 Our host:  Tom WA3KLR 


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