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June 27, 2009.  The Old Barney Amateur Radio Club (OBARC) held it's annual Field Day at the beautiful Wells Mills Park in Waretown, NJ using the call letters N2OB.  It was a nice day and my wife Paddy accompanied me on the trip south from Middletown.



Upon arrival we received a friendly greeting by Urb W2DEC, who explained the layout of the various operating positions and a brief history of OBARC activities on previous Field Days.  As we looked around the park we took notice of the radio tents that Urb mentioned.



Seeing the large portable beam on a trailer, we walked toward the operating tent and found Steve, W2USF working DX on 20 meter SSB.  The band was open and many stations were being worked in rapid order.



Next stop was the VHF operating tent manned by L to R:  Doug and Randy, KC2COB.



Unique to this Field Day was coverage by FM station WYRS on 90.7.  L to R: Bob, N2HM, General Manager and Chief Engineer of WYRS and Woody, WA2KWW.  The station was live on the air as well as providing streaming audio for those on the internet.  In the second photo we see Woody, WA2KWW doing interviews within the operating tents.  Via WYRS, the general public was treated to actual live Amateur Radio contacts being made.  In the third photo Bob, N2HM did an on-the-air interview with Skip, N1IBM who told his personal story of why he became an Amateur Radio Operator.



We found Bob N2OO, OBARC Field Day Chairman, operating the 20 meter CW position.



It was interesting to note that all six operating positions were powered by a single 5500 watt generator (All Field Day transmitters were in the low power class).  The club refers lovingly to the generator as the "Old Barney Power and Light Company" (OBP&L). 


One could not help but notice the yellow balloon holding up the apex of a delta loop antenna for 40 meters.  We took a peek into the 40 meter SSB position and met Skip, N1IBM.



The second shift operators arrived at dinner time.  The food varied from subs to a full portioned hot meal with various beverages to wash it down.  I was present when unsolicited rave reviews were mentioned.  First photo at the grill:  Joe, N2XYZ.   Second photo, left side: John N2LD, Bob N2NF, Joe N3IE, Dave WA2EZG and Skip N1IBM.  At the far end was the cook Lance N2ZOZ and on the right side was Urb, W2DEC.   Third photo L to R:  Bob, N2LXL and Steve, N2WLH.  Forth photo:  Bob N2OO, OBARC Field Day Chairman taking a break from operating and enjoying the dinner time conversation.



OBARC also provided a Get-On-The-Air (GOTA) Station.  The idea is that Non-licensed folks in the general public may operate a Amateur Radio transmitter under the direct
supervision of an appropriate control operator.   Foreground John, KC2VBB and in the background Joe, N3IE.


Breaking the myth that all Licensed Radio Amateurs are male is:  Sharon, N2ELZ with her husband Tony, W2KH.  Also present were L to R:  Pat, XYL of Urb W2DEC  and Paddy, XYL of photographer Ken, W2DTC.



It was an enjoyable visit to OBARC and the folks were very friendly and very pro Amateur Radio.

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