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March 19, 2011.  Robert Lisiesky sent a heads up email to the Red Bank Photo Club, about viewing the closest full moon in 18 years.   Just as he said, the moon came into view at 7:28 PM local time at the Atlantic Ocean shoreline in Sea Bright, New Jersey.  I didn't think too many people would come out in the cold evening, but I was  wrong, the parking lot was full and lots of folks were at water's edge taking photos.


It peeked up over the Atlantic Ocean as hundreds of cameras were clicking.


It remained dark red for about 20 minutes and then it started to turn orange.  There were clouds at  the horizon, which may have contributed to the color changes?


I took another photo about two hours later, 7 miles from the ocean.  The moon took on it's usual black and white appearance.


Photos taken with a Nikon D90 and a Nikon 70-200 mm, F2.8 lens (equiv 300 mm) and a tripod.  I had to seriously enlarge the image to make it useable.

A much better photo of the moon would be had with a 1000 mm or more. 


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