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September 10, 2011.  Advertised as the hottest, largest and most exciting motorcycle rally in the Northeast and less than 3 hours from home.  Paddy and I had to check it out.

The big sign drew our attention and I took Paddy's photo.



The next thing that drew our attention was the loud roar of Harley at full bore.  It turned out to be a professional dyno tuning center.  The Harley was on a stand with electronic monitor attachments at several key spots on the bike.   At the end of the test, I overhead the lead technical person describe to the owner the condition of his bike.  He also said the horsepower could be improved by removing his current exhaust system and replace it with a particular model.



If a biker had the proper safety equipment, he could demo one of these 3 wheeled vehicles.  Paddy tried one on for a photo.



This was a very, very large rally.  Bikes everywhere on many streets throughout the town.





Vendors were everywhere selling bikes, bike parts, helmets, clothes, patches, jewelry, cosmetics and a popular tiny helmet mounted video camera (last photo).





One of the most enjoyable parts of the rally was checking out interesting people & dogs.





Helmet expressions and words on shirts are quite humorus.




There were live bands, roller coaster rides and rides on "the jersey devil".




I was given bad information about the biker babe contest to be held in front of the Convention Center.  It turned out to be many blocks away.  We arrived near the end of the contest and being 150 feet away, even the telephoto lens couldn't do the job.  Oh well, I did get to meet Santa and his friend.



The Roar to the Shore was a huge event and I have never in my life seen so many bikes in one town.  Everybody was having a fun time and from what I observed, nobody got hassled about anything.