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November 4, 2013.    Mug shots with my little Sony RX100 M2.  The highlight of this meeting was a visit by Jeff Gross of The Photo Center on RT 88 in Brick, NJ.  Jeff told us about the many services offered at The photo Center and discussed a number of new camera topics, including the mirrorless cameras.



Jeff brought a collection of new cameras, passed them out to the group so each club member had a hands-on experience checking them out.  There were lots of comments on the comparison with the large, heavy DSLR's and the new lightweight mirrorless cameras.


















 After the meeting, a shot of Audrey at Dunkin Donuts cooling off with her hand held electric fan.



This month the club had an assignment to photograph a single egg along with a piece of black paper and a piece of white paper.  There were many creative entries.  Club president John Tyler, suggested we post them on the internet, so I thought I would post mine here.  The setup: I placed a sheet of Plexiglas on top of 4 coffee cans.  I put my remote flash below the Plexiglas.  On top of the Plexiglas I placed the white paper and a white egg.  The black paper was behind the egg at a 90 degree angle.  The egg was full and the color was natural, with the intense light.



Thanks to John Tyler for chairing the meeting and a special thanks to Jeff Gross for his excellent presentation.



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