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The plan:  Develop a solidly built HF transmitter for experiments with Amplitude Modulation.  I like the Johnson VIking II construction but the thing is very heavy to move about, especially for an old guy wanting to make internal changes often. I decided to strip out the Viking II iron and build the power supplies and modulator on a separate platform.


1.  Found a bread board large enough for the project (22" x 22" x 3/4").
2.  Added two variacs for the high voltage plate supply and the low voltage driver supply.
3.  Added in the Push to Talk control relays to switch 6146 plate B+, screen and 6AQ5 B+ and 120 VAC for the external antenna relay.



1.  Removed all the iron and the modulator leaving just the RF chain.
2.  Removed the 6AQ5 clamp tube circuitry and built a 75 volt bias supply by wiring a backward connected filament transformer across the filament line.
3.  Replaced the microphone connector with a mike connector which has other contacts for push-to-talk.
4.  Removed the damaged 25K drive pot and replaced it with an available 30K pot.  The 30K pot was physically larger than the original and wouldn't fit the original space, so I moved it across the chassis in place of the audio gain pot.
5.  Removed the oscillator tube and put a disc ceramic capacitor between the grid and plate so I could drive the buffer stage of Viking II from my remote VFO, which is an IC-718.




1.  Wired in the large Hammond 1642SE mod transformer, 75 watts, 20-20kHz
     between the 6146's and B+.
2.  Connected up the 8 ohm audio power amplifier to the mod transformer input.
3.  Ran fidelity tests with dummy load, signal generator, oscilloscope, CD player and
     offline receiver.  The transmitter produces hi-fi audio at all power levels from 1 watt
     to 110 watts of carrier output.
4.  This modulator has been tested on a Viking Ranger, a DX-60 and the  Viking II.
     It should work on any class "C" tube final from 1 to 110 watts output.

Note (right most photo):  The Viking II with the Hammond transformer is flat from 20 Hz to 5 kHz; therefore there is no need to use digital processing from the DEQ2496.  I now use just the compressor-limiting function.






I ran all the tests into the dummy load and the transmitter makes hi-fi audio.  Block diagram shows audio chain.  If I need to make mods, I can now lift the "Viking II" with one hand !  The variacs are immediately adjacent to the operating position should an output power adjustment be necessary to feed my linear amplifiers.


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