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Striving for high fidelity, running Amplitude Modulation, sometimes yields unexpected results. In my case, I chose to transmit audio frequencies below 100 cycles with the result, that mechanical actions such as thumping on my desk were picked up by my desk microphone.  At the time I had a Shure SM7A microphone, but Shure did not sell a flexible boom for this physically fat mike and Shure could not provide a referral, so I built one. In April 2006 I replaced the SM7A with and Electro-Voice RE27N/D and while the EV 309A shock mount made the "homebrew boom" unnecessary, I decided to continue to use it.

 1 photo of utility bracket from Home Depot      2 photo of bracket fastened to the ceiling      3 Photo:  UV cord from mike to ceiling bracket      4 Photo:  W2DTC at the RE-27

1: Inexpensive utility bracket sold at Home Depot.
2: I put the bracket in a vice and bent one end, then fastened it to the ceiling with a molly bolt.
3: Two strings of UV rope, normally used to hold up wire antennas, was fastened to the mike and tied off at the ceiling bracket. The bracket length allows for horizontal mike adjustments by sliding the UV rope as required.
4: Happy camper, using the new microphone boom.

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