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June 16, 2008.  The Weirs Beach sign is center icon of Motorcycle Week.  As you can see from my windshield photo I parked a stones throw away.  I paid $20 at Endicott Rock Park, but a bike could park for $5 (well, it was biker week).  The 4th photo shows the popular Smokehouse Restaurant and Lounge which is at the center of everything.



My immediate impression:  'there are a lot of bikes here' followed by: 'there are some very interesting characters here'.




There were lots of pretty vendors selling biker accessories and food.




Many other pretty girls were on hand as biker babes and tourists.




Making a wish ?


This is Rick Johnson.  He made the front page of the 'Concord Monitor' newspaper, because of his many tattoos and his connection with the Hells Angels.


Many points of view open for discussion here.



On certain days of the week, one can take a train ride from the nearby town of Meredith, NH to Weirs Beach and return.



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