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This 5000 volt, 1.7 amp power supply provides B+ for my 2nd 3CX3000F7 linear amplifier.  Click HERE to see that amplifier. The configuration is full wave bridge, capacitive input with 150 MFD at 7200 VDC using a 127 pound Peter Dahl hypersil transformer. A soft-start delay of 30 seconds uses a solid state cube in series with a 60 amp contactor that shorts out a large wire-wound start-up resistor. For diodes I paralled two sets of 14KV K2AW "silicon alley" rectifier modules and mounted them on a 5" x 7" x 2" heat sink. The high voltage fuse between the two standoff insulators was made from a single four inch piece of #30 magnet wire.


photo of ps overview     photo of dryer plug     photo of ps control circuits     photo of solid state delay module     photo of peter dahl transformer
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1: Power supply overview.
2: 240 VAC power delivered via a 50 amp dryer connection.
3: 240 VAC control circuits each with a DPST, 60 amp contactor with 120 VAC coil (source is K5SVC). Also shown is the 25 ohm 100 watt soft-start resistor.
4: 30 second solid delay module (ABB SSAC Solid State Timer part number TS14130,
    source is www.ssac.com) (2" x 2" x 1/2"). Handles 1 amp at 120 VAC with an inrush
    rating of 10 amps. If you momentarily open the main power switch, the timer resets and
    starts counting from zero seconds.
5: Peter Dahl hypersil plate transformer, 4032 VAC @ 2.1 amp, 127 pounds, 10 x 12 x 13"
Click HERE to estimate the current rating of large transformers using a thermometer.

photo of K2AW rectifier modules     photo of capacitor bank     photo of high voltage fuse     photo of HV multiplier and meter      photo of ps schematic
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6: Two banks of 14 KV, 1 AMP, K2AW Silicon Alley rectifier modules in parallel.
7: Capacitor bank with 16 computer grade caps, each: 2400 MFD @ 450 vdc, clamped to 
    1/4 inch plexiglass. Chassis under the plexiglass is 3/4 plywood painted black.
8: High Voltage fuse. 4" piece of #30 magnet wire.
9: HV meter multiplier.
10: Power supply schematic. (use landscape for best printing).


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